Navigating Smart Home Tech when Handing over the keys to your Luxury Home

Jason O'Neil  |  August 4, 2023


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We get it - you've got a state-of-the-art smart home – smart home devices for luxury homes in and around the Indianapolis area make living a breeze and fun! But, of course, you want to ensure a smooth transition for the new owners without compromising on your privacy. Well, you're in luck! In this post, we've got your back with specific measures to handle your smart home devices and make the selling process a breeze.

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Embracing the Smart Home Evolution

In the realm of luxury real estate, smart home technology is becoming the norm. But, when it comes to selling your smart home, you need to take some important steps to prepare it for the next owners. From my 20 years of experience this is the number one thing that lingers post closing as buyers are locked out and seller information is vulnerable. Let's walk through it together:


Nest, Ring or Other Video Doorbells

Ring doorbells and video doorbells are all the rage for added security. But before you hand over the keys, make sure to reset these devices to factory settings and unlink them from your personal accounts. This way, the new owners can start fresh with their own accounts and video footage. Pro tip: This is a good chance to transfer or cancel any doorbell monitoring service, like Nest.


Online Music Subscription Services (e.g., Sonos)

Ah, the joys of music streaming with Sonos! But hey, don't forget to disconnect your Sonos system from personal accounts (Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music) and wipe any stored data. This gives the new homeowners the freedom to set up their own music streaming preferences.


Smart Televisions (including Apple TVs)

Smart TVs have revolutionized home entertainment, but they might hold some of your login credentials and personal data. To protect your privacy, do a factory reset to wipe out your info. Also, log out from any streaming accounts you've linked to the TV, like YouTube TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, MAX etc.


Attached Alexa Devices, Google Nest Devices (or other smart assistants)

If your home features Alexa devices, such as exhaust fans, smart speakers, in wall devices or other smart home assistants, it's vital to unlink them from your Amazon account and reset them to default settings. This process ensures that any personal information associated with these devices is wiped clean, providing the new homeowners with a fresh start to set up their preferred accounts and preferences.

Security Systems

Your smart home security system is a selling point. Make it easy for the new owners by updating access credentials and passcodes. Share clear instructions with your real estate agent for showings and inspections. And, don't forget to disclose whether it's tied to a monitoring service, so the buyers can decide on that front.


Smart Thermostats and Lighting

We all love the convenience of smart thermostats and lighting systems, but they might store data like temperature preferences. To ensure privacy for the new owners, reset these devices to default settings. Plus, this will allow the new owner to link their accounts.

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Smart Appliances

If your home includes smart appliances like refrigerators or ovens, make sure to remove any personal information and preferences stored in these devices. Provide instructions to potential buyers on how to set up and integrate these appliances into their own smart home ecosystem.


Smart Locks

You want your home secure during the selling process, so change the access codes for your smart locks. But hey, don't forget to inform your real estate agent about these devices, so they're in the know. Before handing over the keys, set a new code to give to the buyers.


Smart Garage Door Openers

Last but not least, your smart garage door opener needs some love too. Reset and reprogram it to factory settings, disconnect it from your personal account, and wipe out any access codes.


A Seamless Transition for you and your Buyer

In conclusion, selling a luxury smart home doesn't have to be complicated. Follow these measures to protect your privacy, facilitate a smooth transition, and ensure that your home's smart features add value to its appeal. At Circle Real Estate, we're here to support you every step of the way. Happy selling!


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