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A Comprehensive Guide to Luxury Home Inspections in the Indianapolis, Indiana Area

Jason O'Neil  |  July 20, 2023


A Comprehensive Guide to Luxury Home Inspections in the Indianapolis, Indiana Area

Your home is under contract, as if this hasn't been stressful enough, now the buyer's want their inspector to "look under the hood." 


This is a customary part of the process and you'd do the same thing. Though it can be daunting it doesn't have to be stressful as long as you know what to expect. 

Let’s talk about it. 

When selling your home in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, the inspection period is a critical phase that demands thorough preparation and understanding. As a premier real estate agency specializing in luxury properties, Circle Real Estate is committed to providing you with essential information about what to expect during this crucial time.


The Inspection Process: What to Anticipate


  1. General Home Inspection (95%+ of transactions): Expect a licensed home inspector to meticulously check every aspect of your home, including systems, doors, windows, faucets, and appliances. The inspector's role is to diagnose and identify any potential issues, not to provide opinions. Minor discrepancies may be noted, but this is a standard part of the process.
  2. Radon Gas Inspection (50% of Transactions): Radon Gas, a cancer-causing gas, may be tested in the soil around your home. The inspector will place a test box inside, requiring doors and windows to remain closed during the test.
  3. Mold Test (Less than 25% of Transactions): If dampness or mildew is a concern, the buyer may opt for a mold test, which can be conducted without requiring you to leave the home.
  4. Sewage Line Inspection (Less than 10% of Transactions): In some cases, the sewage line from the street to your home may be inspected, but this doesn't require you to vacate the property.
  5. Tree Inspection (Less than 10% of Transactions):: With the increasing prevalence of the ash bore disease, buyers may request an arborist's assessment of large trees or heavily wooded areas for dead wood and rot.
  6. Appraisal (100% of Financed Transactions): The buyer's mortgage institution will order an appraisal, evaluating your home's value. You won't need to leave during this process.
  7. Miscellaneous Inspections: Buyers may request various other tests, such as checking for buried oil canisters or grave plots, though these are relatively infrequent.
  8. "Post Inspection" Inspections: Sometimes, the initial inspection may lead to additional assessments by specific contractors for further evaluation of certain systems.



Ensuring a Smooth Inspection Process

To ensure a smooth inspection process and alleviate any potential hiccups, make sure to:

  • Label and place all keys for every locking aspect of the home on the kitchen counter.
  • Complete any minor repairs and ensure everything is in proper working order, including any burnt out light bulbs.
  • If any items are “tricky” to operate (fireplaces, flood lights, etc.) please provide a sticky note with instructions.
  • Ensure all access points to crawl spaces, attics, basements, and fenced areas are unlocked and unobstructed.
  • Make arrangements to remove all animals from the property or have them safely kenneled.
  • Keep all utilities turned on and functional.


The Circle Real Estate Advantage


At Circle Real Estate, we understand the significance of the inspection period and its impact on luxury home transactions. Our dedicated team is experienced in guiding clients through this process and effectively negotiating on your behalf to find mutually agreeable solutions. Further, we have deep relationships with contractors of all disciplines to provide second opinions and evaluations of any inspection related repairs. 

Selling your luxury home in Carmel and the surrounding Indianapolis, Indiana, is a momentous occasion. Our aim is to deliver a quality service and ensure a seamless and successful selling experience that aligns with the prestigious brand you have joined.


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