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Circle Art Gallery

Art for homes like yours.

The Home of Art

In 2021, Circle Real Estate acquired an iconic former fine art gallery on Main Street in the Carmel Arts & Design District to open their office. What they didn't anticipate was the immediate interest from some of the region's top contemporary artists in exhibiting their work. And just like that, a unique partnership and business model was born.

Circle Real Estate, Indiana's premier boutique real estate firm, understands that our living and working spaces are more than just structures - they are a reflection of our personal style and passions. With this in mind, Circle has embraced the local art community by showcasing fine art in their offices and supporting the creative endeavors of talented artists.

According to Circle's curator, Susan Brewer, "Art is the soul of any living or working space. Your artwork is a statement of personal interests through your collection that creates a visual dialogue to yourself and others."

Please visit Circle to find your next home or to enhance your current one.

Susan Brewer

Susan Brewer


My work follows the impulse of the imagination. Inspired by dreams and meditation, these abstracts employ color, texture, and suggested forms to evoke images that explore the human condition- one’s relationship to the environment, to others and oneself. This interplay of symbolism, archetypes and mythology creates and expression both personal and universal.